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Welcome to the website of "Bruce"!

Welcome to the website ofBrand "Bruce" is known to many in the jewelry market in Ukraine and abroad.
Founded in 1994, the company has become a major jewelry company, which includes the design studio, a factory for the production of jewelry and a wide network of dealer services from well-established management system.
We offer a wide range of gold (585) and silver jewelry (925) with inlays of precious, semiprecious and synthetic stones, as well as jewelry without inserts.

Among them - rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, chains.
As an exclusive and affordable products made in accordance with the latest trends in fashion.
Choose and order the products you can use the directory. Products are addressed to the general public with different tastes and incomes.

works of jewelry in a special way reflect the artistic and aesthetic vision of the world and the changing ideals of society, so conceptually new solutions to create models, impeccable taste, combined with the exquisite artistry and uniqueness of each jewelry - it's three pillars of the company, "Bruce."

Magical properties of the precious metal quality - never lose the energy in sunlight and bright light, allow artists, jewelers by "Bruce" put their plastic representation of this noble material.
Constantly updated collection of diverse styles and jewelry of various colors of gold with precious stones in various shapes and cuts, exclusive author of the leading masters of the firm "BRUCE" showed the technical maturity of jewelry production, which develops according to the laws of art - to keep the tradition of jewelry and connect them with modernity.
The diversity of our jewelry allows you to choose exactly which fully corresponds to your taste and your style.
We are confident that you will appreciate the work of our masters, and any of our jewelry will be the crown of your collection, without ceasing to admire you every day for years.